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How to Choose a Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle


Harley-Davidson® motorcycles are about as American as apple pie! These iconic motorcycles have been built on a legacy of innovation, grit, and adrenaline rushes. Read on to discover how to pick the perfect Harley® bike for you, then visit American Harley-Davidson® to check out models. We are located in North Tonawanda, New York and proudly serve those in Tonawanda and Kenmore.

Your Riding Style

Harley-Davidson® offers many different families of motorcycles that are tailored to different styles of riding. Think about how you hope to use your H-D® motorcycle then find a family option to match.

The Harley® Touring® family is designed for long-distance riding, such as traveling to work each day or going on road trips. They provide plenty of storage to fit everything you need as well as an ergonomic design to keep long rides comfortable.

The Harley Street® and Sportster® bikes are made for heart-pumping city riding. You'll enjoy their speed, agility, and power as you dart around traffic. The Harley-Davidson ®Softail® models are a versatile option for different types of travel. Whatever you want from your motorcycle lifestyle, you'll find it with a Harley model!

The Size of the Bike

Harley® motorcycles are notoriously big. Their frames run large - partly to store all the technology needed to power their performance. They are also outfitted with accessories to help them stand out on the open road. Among the models, you can still find a variety of sizes.

If you are new to motorcycle riding, you'll want to look at lighter models. Heavy motorcycles can be difficult for newbies to control, from turning them to lane change to staying upright at a stoplight.

If you are more experienced, you'll benefit from a heavier model. The extra weight improves your stability, which makes it easier to take tighter turns and travel at faster speeds.

Ready to check out the models in person? Visit American Harley-Davidson®. We proudly serve those in North Tonawanda, Tonawanda, and Kenmore, New York.