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Chrome Consulting

Chrome Consulting

Harley® Custom Consulting Near Buffalo, NY

The best part of owning a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is customizing & personalizing it to your own Taste, Fit, Function, and Style!!! The Harley-Davidson® Motor Company takes great pride in the amount of accessories & options they offer for their motorcycles... So why shouldn't we as well?? Here at American Harley-Davidson® we all take great pride in our knowledge and experience to better help you make the proper educated decisions when it comes to accessorizing your Ride!! That's why we set up an entire department dedicated to achieving that! Jeff Hartrich, Jr. is our dealership's Custom Consultant, and he is very passionate about helping our customers with whatever they want or need on their motorcycles. With 15 years of experience in both the parts & sales departments, he is very knowledgeable in both Harley-Davidson® & "After-Market" accessories; and is ready to help you achieve whatever it is that you're looking for, or more importantly what you NEED on your motorcycle! So whether it's Chrome or Comfort... Performance or Touring... whatever it is, we have an entire department dedicated to YOU!!! We are located on Erie Ave. in North Tonawanda, NY near Buffalo, Lockport, and Niagara Falls.

To contact Jeff Hartrich, Jr. to discuss any accessorizing you may be interested in, feel free to contact him by email... or by telephone at 716.692.7200 Ext 114.

Our WINTER STORAGE PROMOTION is a GREAT Opportunity to customize your motorcycle! That's when I do the majority of the customizing with our customers. If you've been thinking about, wanting or most importantly NEEDING to make necessary changes, but have been putting them off... You shouldn't wait any longer! Our service department is the #1 RATED & PREFERRED CERTIFIED HARLEY-DAVIDSON® DEALERSHIP OF WNY! So if you need to customize your motorcycle in any way, please contact me & lets get started so we can complete your project together!!! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR VALUABLE BUSINESS!!!!

- Jeff Hartrich, Jr.