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Why You Need a Cruiser Motorcycle


Harley-Davidson is known for their legendary motorcycles that rip up city street and growl with authentic attitude. Classic style mixes with modern technology in their line of cruisers known collectively as the Softail® family. These cruisers are the foundation of Harley style, with garage-built heritage and a history of customization that makes them stand out among the crowd. At American Harley-Davidson®, we’re crazy about these awesome cruisers. The Softail continues to be one of the best-looking bikes on the market, and every year they keep getting better, with more options, more upgrades, and more style. Read on for more information about Softail cruisers or head into our showroom in North Tonawanda, New York to check some out for yourself. We are proud to serve both Buffalo and Niagara Falls, New York.

Style in Abundance

When you think of a classic American motorcycle, the image in your mind probably looks a lot like the Harley-Davidson® Softail. Easily recognizable by their laid-back riding posture compared to sportier bikes, you’ll have a hard time blending in when in the saddle. Extended front fork and flashy finishes make for even more head-turning appeal. Whether you want a 60s throwback or an industrial look, there’s a Softail cruiser for you. Great for short rides and cruising, these bikes will turn heads and keep you low to the road.

Power and Performance

Softails aren’t sportbikes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t host power plants with large displacements and offer on-demand power. Softails are specifically tuned for low-end torque to give riders a close-to-the-ground feel and unbeatable control at lower RPMs. Meaty throttle pulls and easy riding are perfect for cruising around town! You can be confident that when you buy a Softail cruiser, you’re not sacrificing any power for that awesome style.

The Perfect Custom Platform

Cruisers look amazing right off the assembly line, but most riders want to customize them in some way. Once you find a Softail with a base you like, you can tackle the styling of it, changing the look and the feel of the ride. Your average cruiser doesn’t have a great turning ability due to their low-slung design, but customization can amend this by making it easier to lean the bike during turns. Otherwise, you can alter the look by adding or removing parts and fixtures. Whatever you want to alter about your bike, your local motorcycle dealer can help you choose the right customization packages for the model you have.

Choppers are one of the classic garage-built customs popularized during the 60s. They’re chopped or cut-down versions of production cruisers modified as part of personal projects by veteran riders or mechanics. They’re often a source of pride and accomplishment, a look-what-I-made display. You can spot choppers by their raked-out forks, small fuel tanks, and high handlebars. These are not efficient riding machines, but there’s nothing else out there with the same inherent sense of history and style.

Nothing beats the classic American style of a Harley Softail cruiser. From their garage-inspired design to the kind of power and performance you expect from Harley, anyone riding a Softail cruiser will feel like a true king of the road. For a chance to check out some awesome Softail cruisers for yourself, head into American Harley-Davidson® in North Tonawanda, New York, where we proudly serve Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Come in today and speak with our team of Harley experts ready to answer your questions and help you find the motorcycle of your dreams.