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Touring Motorcycles vs Cruiser


Most motorcycles you see on the road fall into two categories: a cruiser or a touring motorcycle. Both are designed for a unique style of riding. Both offer unique advantages and unique drawbacks. We created the following guide to help you know which motorcycle better fits you. When you want to check out the models in person, visit American Harley-Davidson®. You’ll find us in Buffalo, New York.

The Cruiser

A cruiser is built for conquering city roads. They are an appealing general purpose motorcycle. If you are new to riding, you’ll benefit from the easy handling. If you are an experienced rider, you’ll be able to take advantage of the high performance capabilities. A cruiser is a motorcycle for anyone!


When it comes to function vs fashion, a cruiser goes for style every time. After all, you’ll be cruising around the city. You want to turn heads as you pass those slow cars! Enjoy features like ape hanger handlebars that don’t do much to boost the performance, but they do pack the punch where aesthetic is concerned. Choose among color schemes such as a glistening chrome or striking black anodized option. The overall aesthetic of the cruiser takes from the style of motorcycles built between the 1930s and 1960s.


Cruising down a city lane will require a few key things from your motorcycle. You need quick acceleration to keep up with cars when the light goes from red to green. Your brakes need to respond immediately to prevent collision with other motorists. Easy handling is a must to stay in control of your vehicle as you maneuver throughout traffic. A cruiser delivers the high performance you need to dominate the roads.


The most customized type of motorcycle is the cruiser. It’s frame construction and design sets itself up well for additions and tweaks. Choose from a number of types of upgrades such as ones that improve the comfort of your ride to boosting the performance of your cruiser.

The Touring Motorcycle

A touring motorcycle focuses on the long haul. These motorcycles are built for longer rides, from commuting to road trip vacations. Travel across the country in comfort and leisure.


When you embark on long-distance rides, style becomes insignificant. Who cares how good you look riding if you are miserable the whole time. No one wants to arrive to their destination with aching muscles and joints. Touring motorcycles are designed with rider comfort in mind. Enjoy the ergonomic riding position, padded seats, and other features meant to deliver a cozy ride.


A long trip requires supplies. There is the gear you use for riding, such as a mini toolkit and waterproof outer layers. Then there is the gear for a long trip, such as toiletries and medications. Bring along everything you need on a touring motorcycle! Enjoy storage in the saddlebags, top box, under the seat, and luggage racks. If for whatever reason you need even more space, simply buy an upgrade!


A long trip is made better with a travel buddy! Most touring motorcycles offer long seats that can hold two passengers. Their suspension system can handle the weight of two passengers without sacrificing performance. Bring along someone to help you navigate and to help pass the time!

It’s one thing to read about these motorcycles - it’s another to experience the difference in person. Schedule a test ride with American Harley-Davidson®. We offer a range of new and used touring and cruiser motorcycles. Our friendly staff can help you find the best model for your riding level and budget. Come visit today! You will find us in Buffalo, New York.