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Reasons for Buying a Harley-Davidson®


Nothing is comparable to a Harley-DavidsonⓇ. They are sure to instill a sense of envy as they watch you pull into your driveway, or spend a weekend afternoon packing it up for a weekend trip. On top of the fact that these bikes are just cool, there are many reasons why Harley is a trusted brand and why new customers walk through our doors every day. Below we have outlined what we think sets Harley apart from other motorcycle manufacturers. Come find out today by test driving a hog at American Harley-DavidsonⓇ near Buffalo, New York.


New motorcycle manufacturers come and go, bikes come in and out of popularity. There is only one brand that you can be sure will stick around. Founded in 1903, Harley-DavidsonⓇ is the only motorcycle manufacturer to survive the Great Depression, two world wars, and the Great Recession. For almost 115 years, the brand has made it through every obstacle thrown at it. The Harley-DavidsonⓇ brand is just as resistant as the bikes themselves. The Milwaukee-based company has managed to stay relevant by creating legendary bike after legendary bike. Aside from making it through trying periods throughout history, the brand has made appearances in movies, books, and television. Even Elvis and Evil Knievel rode Harleys. They’re just cool! You can be a part of that proud legacy by owning your own.


Another compelling component of the Harley-DavidsonⓇ legacy is the ability to customize and personalize. Any motorcycle expert will tell you Harley allows you to customize just about any part you see on your bike. The culture of customization surrounding the brand allows for a large variety of upgrades. From finishes that span from glistening chrome to a flat, black, matte finishes to performance parts, you will be able to create your dream Harley down to every last inch. Customization is all about independence, and Harley encourages just that!

Holds Value

Often times, a big purchase can come with a nagging feeling of what would happen if you have to sell later on down the line. It is easy to worry about getting only a fraction of what you paid in a resale. Fortunately, Harley-DavidsonⓇ bikes tend to depreciate significantly slower than many other manufacturers. You may notice some Harley owners go through multiple bikes to try out different models, this is part of the reason why. They hold their value so owners know that a pre-owned Harley can still offer thousands of exciting miles of riding. Conditions are favorable for both the buyer and seller. Another benefit of these bikes over time is that they appeal to collectors and enthusiasts. Long after their model year ends, people still appreciate the differences in model years instead of just wanting the brand new models!

Ownership Perks

When you buy a Harley, you aren't just buying a motorcycle. One of the perks of owning one of these hogs is becoming a part of one of the most active and largest groups in the country. Harley riders hold rallies and ride in groups all over the country throughout the year. On top of the comradery among other riders, you will also find that your bike is supported all over the country. It is easy to find a Harley-DavidsonⓇ dealership wherever you go. You can count on great service and parts departments to give you class-leading, high-quality repairs from all over the United States for as long as you plan to ride your bike.

From the legacy of the brand to the sense of community you will feel in owning one, Harley-DavidsonⓇ culture is an incredibly unique experience. To feel first-hand the rush of riding a Harley, stop by American Harley-Davidson. We are located near Buffalo, and proudly serve Lockport, Niagara Falls, Batavia, and Rochester, New York.