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How to Keep Your Motorcycle Secure


Your motorcycle is probably one of your most valuable possessions. Most riders grew up dreaming about owning a Harley-Davidson®, and now that you finally have one parked in your driveway, there are probably few things that bring you more joy. That’s why it’s so important to protect it. Unfortunately, items that are valuable to you are also valuable to thieves, and they will jump on the opportunity to steal a vulnerable motorcycle. This would be heartbreaking, expensive, and unfair, and it’s something that we hope never happens to you. To help ensure your motorcycle’s safety, we’ve put together a few pieces of advice that will ward off thieves. At American Harley-Davidson®, we understand how much you care about your bike, which means that we care about it too, so feel free to come talk to us anytime you have questions.

We’re also here for you when you need any additional repairs, so stop by our service department near Buffalo, NY to keep your motorcycle safe and performing like new.

Location and Neighborhood

When it comes to stealing a motorcycle, the location is very important. Apartment complexes are easily the most common areas where bike thefts occur. Whether you have assigned parking or have to leave your bike on the street, these leave vehicles completely visible for someone to scope out. That’s why security is so important, because if your motorcycle isn’t locked up, there’s nothing stopping a thief from throwing their leg over the saddle and taking off. If you live out in a rural neighborhood, you’ll probably be a little more secure than those in a more urban environment, since there isn’t as much of a selection for thieves. However, even in these areas, we recommend finding a place to conceal your vehicle, like behind your house or in the garage. The same goes for neighborhoods in the city. On the surface, these might seem like safer locations since the houses are nicer and fewer thieves live around you. But a nicer neighborhood isn’t inaccessible for outsiders, and they might even assume that they’ll find nicer motorcycles in one of these suburban areas. No matter where you live then, it’s unavoidable: you need to find a way to secure your motorcycle.

How to Park Properly

Depending on where you live, there are different ways you can park to keep your Harley-Davidson® hidden from thieves. If you own a home, try to keep it stored in the back, side yard, or in the garage. If you have a small shop that locks, that’s also a great place to keep your motorcycle out of sight. Whatever you do, avoid leaving it out in the open for anybody to see, as this is what will tempt someone to steal it. Apartments are a little trickier, since you don’t really have a choice but to leave it out in full view. However, you can still try to park in an area that’s covered by security cameras, if your complex has these set up. This will detract most thieves, since they obviously don’t want footage of them swiping your motorcycle.

Keeping it Locked Up

Aside from parking in the best place possible, you’ll also need to use some basic security equipment. Even if you park in the garage, it’s unlikely, but a thief could still potentially break in and ride away on your prized possession. To set your mind at ease, consider putting disc locks to clamp your disc brakes onto the wheel. This prevents your bike from moving until they’re unlocked, and if you have the key, there won’t be any way for someone to steal it. Similarly, steering locks will hold your steering column in one position. Someone trying to ride a bike with locked handlebars won’t get very far, so it’s also a good idea to install one of these simple devices. There are also electronic security systems, such as alarms and GPS trackers, and while they’re a little more expensive, they help you keep a better eye on your bike.

Your Harley-Davidson® holds a special place in your heart, so you should learn to park properly and use effective security equipment to keep it where it belongs: in your possession. These tips from American Harley-Davidson® will help prevent thieves from trying to run off with your bike, but if you have any other questions, feel free to come talk to us, near Buffalo, Lockport, Niagara Falls, Batavia, and Rochester, New York.