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Touring Customization Packages at American Harley-Davidson®


Touring isn’t just a way to ride. It’s a way to discover the American landscape. That’s a tall order for one motorcyclist, and with such a big task ahead, you want a bike that’s truly the best. Harley already makes touring models with class-leading performance and comfort, but you can enhance this even more by customizing your motorcycle! Touring packages from Harley-Davidson® provide upgrades to power, style, and convenience, so why wouldn’t you take your ride to the next level? You can stand out from the crowd with one of these packages on your Glide series motorcycle, and we’ll help you out at American Harley-Davidson® near Buffalo, NY.

Vengeance Essentials: Focus on Comfort

Dial up the convenience and comfort with a Vengeance Essentials package from Harley-Davidson. In this package, you’ll find features to keep the temperature where you want it, like the CoolFlow fan, to make it bearable in hot weather, and the mid-frame air deflectors, so you don’t have to put up with harsh wind on fast rides. You’ll also appreciate the adjustable rider backrest. Who likes to be confined to a certain position while they ride? The adjustable backrest lets you ride the way you want to, as it’s able to recline or lean forward more for your comfort. Your trips will also get a whole lot more convenient with the rider backrest organizer. Don’t waste time digging through your saddlebags for small items anymore. You can now keep water bottles and keys right behind you in the backrest! The Vengeance Essentials Package anticipates every difficult and discomfort on your trip, so be sure to equip your bike if you want to enjoy luxurious comfort on a long journey.

Vengeance Performance: Amplify Torque

The Vengeance Performance package doesn’t ignore a rider’s need for extra style and comfort, but it really focuses on increased power. The Milwaukee-Eight® engine on your touring bike already boasts class-leading power, but why not set yourself apart from every other Harley owner, and give the engine an unforgettable boost? You’ll always lead the pack with the Screamin’ Eagle® Milwaukee Eight Stage II - Torque Kit. With over 100 ft-lbs. of rear torque from this kit, you can pass other riders with a simple nudge on the accelerator, and carrying a passenger and more luggage will never be easier now that you have the extra power.

Reaper: The Perfect Blend

Some riders need a little bit of everything, which is understandable, so Harley makes a customization kit for that too. The Reaper Package includes added convenience features like the 4-point docking hardware kit, as well as a short passenger backrest pad. Both you and your passenger should stay comfortable on a long trip, which is where the Reaper comes in. Also, you’ll get many of the same performance features you see in the Vengeance Performance Package, such as the Screamin’ Eagle Pro Street Tuner for easy maintenance, and muffler clamps for a smoother performing engine. They throw in a few more Screamin’ Eagle products too, including the heavy breather performance air cleaner and slip-on mufflers, helping your Milwaukee eight run cleaner and crisper than ever before.

Harley-Davidson® touring motorcycles are already the best choice out there for seeing the country. But you can make your experiences so much better if you upgrade your bike with one of these Vengeance or Reaper customization packages. We mentioned a few things here, but there are even more high-quality features in every package that are sure to exceed every expectation. Come talk to one of our specialists at American Harley-Davidson® to learn about all the other accessories in our customization packages. You can visit us in Tonawanda, NY, near Niagara Falls and Lockport, NY. We also serve the areas of Batavia and Rochester, NY.