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Customization for your Harley-Davidson® Touring Motorcycle


American Harley-Davidson® wants to make sure that when you take your touring motorcycles out on the road you have all the comforts you can want. We wanted to highlight just a few of our favorite touring bike customizations from tricking out your seat for comfort, to additional storage, even giving your infotainment system the boost that you really deserve. Swing by our dealership in Tonawanda, NY near Buffalo, Lockport, Niagara Falls, Batavia, and Rochester; and have our service team show you some of the best customizations that Harley-Davidson® has to offer!

Comfort for the Driver

If you’re putting hundreds of miles behind you in a day, every last bit of comfort counts. If you’re trying to add a few comfort enhancing customization options onto your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, then start with the seat! Give your backside a break with the Harley® Hammock rider and passenger touring seat! Passengers will enjoy a little extra shock absorption thanks to the springboard-style suspension system, while the rider will get a smoother ride thank to the sling-like fabric suspension system with two extra inches of foam for extra comfort. If you find that your legs lock up and get stiff after some time on the road, then check out some rider running boards which provide an extra four inches of room to shift your boots while you ride. Add a footboard heel guard onto this accessory and you’ll save your boots from potential melting, and save yourself hours of cleaning!

Convenience for the Passenger

If your passenger is going to spend hours on the back of your bike, you might as well do all you can to make sure they’re comfortable while your ride (or you’re probably going to get an earful when you hop off). In addition to the Harley Hammock seat, you can add on some other great customizations to your touring bike to get a better ride for everyone. A set of Tour-Pak passenger armrests provide a comfortable perch, as well as a small addition to your storage space with a clever hinged storage compartment, the whole armrest setup will swing easily out of the way for easy boarding and dismounting. For the small items that a passenger wants to keep on hand, pick up a rider backrest organizer and you’ll have room for all of the necessities like your phone, water, keys and any other sundries you don’t want to keep in your pockets, all within easy reach.

Extra Power for your Infotainment System

If you’re already enjoying the power of your touring motorcycle’s Infotainment system but want to get bigger sound, then come in and talk to our parts department about our full range of Boom! Audio accessories that will augment your audio system for even bigger sound while you ride! Whether you’re adding on some bigger speakers, or more powerful amplifiers, all of these accessories integrate into your bike’s fairing seamlessly, integrating directly into your factory installed radio and hand controls. When someone spends as much time on your bike as you do, American Harley-Davidson® wants to make sure your ride is the perfect one. When you next ride, think about whether you want to upgrade your seat for maximum comfort, ensure the passenger behind you has a little extra storage, do you need some more boost from your infotainment system to blast the sound track of your ride, or some mix of all three? Swing by our dealership in Western New York and talk to our friendly and knowledgeable staff to make your Harley-Davidson® Touring Motorcycle the best bike on the road!