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Riding Warm


Whether you’re heading out on a crisp summer morning, or heading home after work in the winter, riding in the cold can be a pretty miserable experience if you’re not prepared. Here at American Harley-Davidson we’re committed to helping you have the best possible ride every time you head out, so we’ve put together a quick list of tips to help you stay warm as you ride! American Harley-Davidson proudly serves the areas of Buffalo, Lockport, Niagara Falls, Batavia, and Rochester, New York.

Dress Properly

The clothes you choose are the first line of defense against the cold. Make sure you have a wind and waterproof outer shell (vented will be most comfortable). Gloves are a must have on cold days, and having a warm riding jacket underneath the outer shell will keep your core warm. Layering has always been the best possible way to insulate yourself against the cold, so if you’re out for a long ride on an especially cold day consider picking up some thermal underwear to provide an extra layer of protection from the chill. It’s worth mentioning that Cotton, while cheap and easily available, is useless as an insulator when it's wet, so picking synthetic fabrics (or better yet, wool) will be a smarter choice if you’re looking at a soggy ride.

Keep Dry

If you get wet, you’re going to get cold, that’s just a fact. Evaporation is one of the most effective cooling processes known, so don’t think just because you’ve got a fancy synthetic clothes on that you can go ahead and skip your waterproof layer. Hit your top layer with scotchguard or another water repellant if it’s not already waterproofed. Likewise, your boots are going to be a weak spot, as wet socks will make you feel miserable all day long.

The Right bike

Choosing a bike that will help keep the cold at bay is going to go a long way. The first thing you should consider is the fairing on your bike. Harley-Davidson Touring bikes have wide fairing that’s made to move the air around your body, so you’ll avoid the worst of the wind, however a Sportster may leave you feeling exposed. Another thing to look at is some of the other features like heated grips, that you can find installed on some bikes, or as a customization option in our parts department.

Picking Smart Gear

Having clothes that keep off the wind and water is awesome, but you can take your apparel game to the next level with some heated riding gear. Heated gear can plug into your bike for power, or be tethered to an independent power source, so keep the capabilities of your bike in mind if you’re picking out some heated pants. The easy (but less cost effective) workaround is to get some hand warmers (like snowboarders use) and tuck those into your riding gloves, and a few into the inside pockets of your jacket.

There you have it, a few of our tips and tricks for staying toasty warm when you head out on the road. Here at American Harley-Davidson, your comfort and satisfaction when you ride matters, so don’t forget to stop by and check out our awesome selection of Motorclothes to keep yourself warm while you ride! American Harley-Davidson is proud to serve the areas of Buffalo, Lockport, Niagara Falls, Batavia, and Rochester, New York.