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Riding on a Budget With Your Used Harley-Davidson® Touring Bike


You likely invested in a used Harley-Davidson® touring motorcycle for at least two primary reasons: 1) you wanted to save money and 2) you wanted to take your motorcycle riding to new heights. Touring bikes will give you the endurance and comfort needed to enjoy longer trips on the road, and buying used will certain make this more financially feasible, but traveling using any mode of transportation can be expensive.

That’s why American Harley-Davidson® has provided you with some tips to help you cut down on travel costs in three of the highest spending points on your trip: housing, food, and gas. If you’d like some of our staff’s personal tips, or if you’re still looking for the right used Harley® touring bike, then stop by our location in North Tonawanda, New York, serving Buffalo. 

Reduce Housing Costs

We’ll start with where you stay. These prices can cost the most when it comes to single payments, but there are less expensive options. One of the easiest ways to save money is to go camping. Campsite fees tend to be much less expensive than hotels or motels. Plus, you’ll have plenty of room for a tent and sleeping bag on your touring bike. 

If you’d rather find something a little more comfortable, you might be able to find a room at a fairly reasonable price. Hostels are a great example of comfortable, simple, inexpensive overnight stays. Not to mention, you might meet some great characters along the way.

Of course, the best price is no cost at all. If you have friends and family along your route, ask to stay at their place for a night or two. This can also be a great way to visit and you can always offer to bring food or pay them back some other way.

Reduce Food Costs

Eating takeout all the time isn’t just unhealthy, it’s expensive. When you’re looking to cut down on food costs, consider looking for lodging that comes with complimentary meals. You can also try to find places like buffets that will allow you to pay a flat fee and have unlimited options. And, of course, try to pack as much food as you can that you can cook along the way, so as to reduce meal costs. If you don’t want to bring lots of food with you, you can always buy food from the grocery store or local farmers market as you go along. 

Reduce Gas Costs

Gas money can also start to add up over a long trip. Depending on when you’re traveling, gas prices can be astronomical. The best ways to reduce how much you spend on gas include actively searching for the best price in a given area. Apps like GasBuddy can help with this. You can also join a fuel rewards program with a company chain found across the country. This is particularly popular with grocery stores. 

You can also adjust your riding habits so you make the most of your used touring bike’s fuel efficiency. Try to keep your load as light as possible and keep your speed around what’s recommended for the road or highway you’re on. Avoid slamming on the accelerator or brakes. You can even look into upgrades that’ll make your ride more efficient. 

These tips cover some of the basics, but as you ride more often, you’ll probably gather your own set of tips, and we’d love to hear them. Stop by American Harley-Davidson® to swap ideas with our friendly staff, as well as other riders. You can also check out some of our used touring motorcycles for sale. We proudly serve our customers near North Tonawanda and Buffalo, New York.